Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back on crack! I mean track. I mean crack.

After 3, 4, maybe five days of ‘the blues’, I’m finally starting to feel like the curtain is lifting.  You know, I’ve noticed that it’s been a heck of a lot harder to be cheery since coming back from Italy.  I’ve also stopped taking all of my supplements since coming back from Italy.  Coincidence? Maybe.  Laziness?  You bet.

I don’t take so many, but St. John’s Wort is one that I've been faithful to for probably 6 months or so.  I think it really been helping, but it’s so, darn, hard to separate real results from placebo effect.  Especially with a sponge brain like mine (no really!  You can sell me anything!  Shamwow!).  But anyway, you can’t spell ‘placebo effect’ without ‘effect’, and that’s good enough for me.  Besides that, I do my best to take a multi every day as well as green tea extract and some sort of omega 3.

As I write this riveting post on supplements, I just received an email from an Italian institute I recently applied to (like, yesterday) asking for a phone interview.  This afternoon.   Those Italians sure are speedy.  I was sort of hoping for a few days to read more of their material, on account of wanting to sound smart and all, but I guess we'll give it a go anyway.

So I guess I should cut this short and go read about disease genes and pleiotropy and whatnot.  My readership of zero will just have to wait until next time to hear the wonderful tales of my supplement regimen.

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